The day after Christmas hazardous to your heart.

Having been caught off guard by breast cancer at 35 and having new twins at the time, was a lesson to never take things for granted and to be thankful for each day! My kids have sadly have a better understanding than some adults about the reality of life altering experiences. After having seen mommy go thru cancer treatments from 18 months to 3 yrs old and then witnessing their father having a massive stroke in his 40’s just after Christmas last year. Every day I have with my family is a blessing I try not to take for granted. Never forget to tell the ones you love how you feel! I always say though there is a positive in every situation, even a negative!


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Perception is reality. You may have intended your message to mean one thing but how a person interprets it will be their reality. So, keep that in mind when you only have a few words and you are missing key parts of communication like facial expression,etc.

This is #myfirstpost & I feel like it is my first day at a new school! You walk into class or worse,the lunchroom w 100’s of kids, you stand there alone not wanting to be obvious, knowing they see “the new kid” but hoping someone will be nice & introduce themself so you dont have to try to find a spot while everyone is watching,or at least it seems that way. Worse yet, you have to sit alone, wondering how long this “new kid” thing lasts. When you finally take the leap to join in, you think, I hope that I don’t say or do the wrong thing? I was the “new kid” many times, aren’t we all the “new kid” at some time in our life. Just like anything in life, if you don’t try, you will never succeed. As I tell my kids, be kind hearted, a giver not a taker, selfless not selfish, honest not dishonest, do your best – good or bad, there is a positive in every situation – even a negative one, be the best you you can be and I’ll be happy! And I AM Happy,so anything else is just a bonus!

Mom, Mommy, Mama – What’s In A Name? – Part 1

Why do we need labels? There are a number of varying definitions of “mother” depending on what dictionary you look in or who you talk with, but most would include something to the effect of – to care for or nurture someone, a female parent, someone showing love, kindness, protectiveness, etc.

I was recently told that I was not a mom because I “did not give birth”. I don’t recall seeing “giving birth” as part of the official definition of being a mom. Giving birth qualifies you as a birth mom, but it is what you do after that earns you the title “mom”. And yes, it is an earned title and an honor to receive. It should not be taken lightly because the actions and decisions you make affect the most precious gift!

I am an “adoptive” mom of precious 9-year-old boy/girl twins and “step”mom of a precious 5 year girl. I never introduce my 3 kids as my adoptive or step children. Yes, we are labeled a “blended family” but we just consider ourselves a family. I proudly introduce myself as the mother of 3 amazing children who I am blessed to have in my life and I am so proud to have all three call me Mom. Now some consider this wrong, but I ask, my twins do not share my blood as they were adopted just as my “step” daughter does share my blood, why is it any different? I love, nurture, protect, and guide all three why should one be different? Well my answer is an emphatic – they shouldn’t because I am proud that all three have given me the precious gift of being MOM which I take very seriously because they deserve it! And instead of what we want, shouldn’t we be asking what is best for them!

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