Doing Dishes is Like a Puzzle


Doing dishes is like a puzzle. At least that’s what I tell the #kids. Now it’s turned into a fun game at times.

I will be the first to admit, I hate doing dishes! But even I don’t mind it as much now that the kids and I have learned ways to make it more fun. When the kids first started helping me with the kitchen they thought doing a bad job or acting like it was to hard to figure out, I would get frustrated enough to let them out of it. They learned quickly they were wrong. I was easy on them in the beginning, too easy. Once I realized they were playing me, it became harder for them to play the game of doing it wrong to get out of it. And they found out it took longer now because now they had to take everything out and put it back the right way.
As important as it is for them to learn to be responsible and take pride in their work by doing their best, it is equally important for my sanity that everyone is getting along. So I told them my trick for making it more interesting is to think of filling the dishwasher like doing a puzzle. You have to figure out where the “pieces” fit best, so you can maximize the space. Otherwise you end up doing an extra load just because things were put in all different directions. I actually look at it as a challenge. When they say they can’t fit anymore in, I ask, “would you like to make a bet with me on that”. So now all three kids are looking at the “puzzle” because they want to be the one to solve it.

But then we had another small hiccup. We have twins, a boy and girl who just turned 10 and the youngest is 6. Because she is a “baby” as my husband says, he let her play a game while the other two help with the kitchen. This frustrated the twins because not only did they have to work while the little one got to play, but she would turn the volume up on the game because she couldn’t hear over the noise. If that wasn’t enough, she would yell and cheer loudly at the game. So I quickly overrode my husband and found small jobs she could do like putting things away or wiping the table.

Now we get it done as a team and the kids even time how long it takes so they can “beat their record”. There is always a positive if you just look for it!


Superheroes Don’t Always Wear a Cape

Superheroes Don’t Always Wear a Cape

My superhero didn’t wear a cape.

But he had super strength when he rescued me by picking me up when I would fall.

BUT he didn’t wear a cape.

My superhero had super human sight.  He always saw when I needed help and came to my rescue.

BUT he didn’t wear a cape.

My superhero silently rescued others so many times by making sure they had food, clothes, jobs,  or other things they needed when they needed help.  But like most superhero,  he didn’t give away his secret superhero identity so they never knew who to thank for their rescue.

My superhero never wore a cape,  but now he can fly.

It has been two years since my superhero flew away.  Like any superhero,  my superhero had his cryptonite,  his was called cancer!

Even though my superhero went by many names, only 3 of us called him by his superhero name “DADDY”.

Superheroes come in many forms,  protecting us from danger,  fighting off villans,  and sharing with us their lessons, knowing someday they will have to leave and preparing us to stand on our own.

My superhero will never be far away.  He silently stands with me like a cape, providing me protection and strength when he knows I need him .  We honor the superheroes of stories,  but we must never forget that it is the real life superheroes in our life are the ones that we should honor. 

In honor of my superhero,

Leonard Audino
August 7, 1940 – July 3, 2009

Mom, Mommy, Mama – What’s In A Name? – Part 1

Why do we need labels? There are a number of varying definitions of “mother” depending on what dictionary you look in or who you talk with, but most would include something to the effect of – to care for or nurture someone, a female parent, someone showing love, kindness, protectiveness, etc.

I was recently told that I was not a mom because I “did not give birth”. I don’t recall seeing “giving birth” as part of the official definition of being a mom. Giving birth qualifies you as a birth mom, but it is what you do after that earns you the title “mom”. And yes, it is an earned title and an honor to receive. It should not be taken lightly because the actions and decisions you make affect the most precious gift!

I am an “adoptive” mom of precious 9-year-old boy/girl twins and “step”mom of a precious 5 year girl. I never introduce my 3 kids as my adoptive or step children. Yes, we are labeled a “blended family” but we just consider ourselves a family. I proudly introduce myself as the mother of 3 amazing children who I am blessed to have in my life and I am so proud to have all three call me Mom. Now some consider this wrong, but I ask, my twins do not share my blood as they were adopted just as my “step” daughter does share my blood, why is it any different? I love, nurture, protect, and guide all three why should one be different? Well my answer is an emphatic – they shouldn’t because I am proud that all three have given me the precious gift of being MOM which I take very seriously because they deserve it! And instead of what we want, shouldn’t we be asking what is best for them!

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