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50 Famously Successful People Who Failed At First | Online College Tips – Online Colleges

As people struggle with job loss, cut backs, financial concerns and the physical toll that comes with it, we should look at the early struggles of some of the most successful business people out there. They were determined to beat their challenges. In life there are not problems, there are only challenges that we need to find solutions to. If you do not succeed the first time, maybe it was because there was a path that was better for you.

The day after Christmas hazardous to your heart.

Having been caught off guard by breast cancer at 35 and having new twins at the time, was a lesson to never take things for granted and to be thankful for each day! My kids have sadly have a better understanding than some adults about the reality of life altering experiences. After having seen mommy go thru cancer treatments from 18 months to 3 yrs old and then witnessing their father having a massive stroke in his 40’s just after Christmas last year. Every day I have with my family is a blessing I try not to take for granted. Never forget to tell the ones you love how you feel! I always say though there is a positive in every situation, even a negative!

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Perception is reality. You may have intended your message to mean one thing but how a person interprets it will be their reality. So, keep that in mind when you only have a few words and you are missing key parts of communication like facial expression,etc. http://amplify.com/u/h1z4

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